Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Follow the signs <>

Beirut is literally a maze for new comers so a little bit of road signs will definitely put you on track. However the Municipality is unable to keep track of the continuous changes !!!???

These signs are in the vicinity of Borj Al Ghazal so they lead us to #Ashrafiyeh, and the surrounding. If it happens you find yourself there, try to enjoy the beauty ... and here i am not talking about the old houses that people are complaining to be invaded by newly built towers.
(because simply i dont give a damn for a local who sells his house for 2m $ and then go complains that this is a "شارع ذو طابع تراثي" - "street of heritage value")

"شارع ذو طابع تراثي" - "street of heritage value" sprayed
Lebanese Kataeb old house being demolished

cool penguins

brosli - 7ay fina!
Brosli still lives among us
alas ...

my favorite

watanal noujoumi - ana hona

A7rar = KOUSSA - 7izbollah hom al ghaliboun
militia prints

ok one more addition thanks #Iyad:
Nancy Rej3a :) - Nancy will be back

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I LOVE Beirut!

   How Many times did you pass in Hamra? ever seen this before? - قد يبتلعك قلبي :). Neat work, besides the scartches made by parasites here and there. Have you seen any other work done by this alien like Owl?
Hamra Culture
those pictures are taken on a Saturday morning while walking in Hamra street. Amazing is the huge number of Cafes open recently. Hamra Cafe, Caribu, Gloria Jeans Cafe, Ahwit il Hamra, ... not to forget the usual Starbucks, Costa, and cafe Younis, ... 

That's a pretty lame poster!!! You'd say that the lebanese communist party, still deserves it's place on the walls of Hamra. yes maybe, but i'd go with something better like this one >>

can anyone translate this? 

Finally the last stop was in Raouche. Amazingly, even on a Saturday morning there was no 7awash* this time. and i managed to take a few nice pictures ...

for once it's cleanLebanese people don't
read Arabic
there is hope we can still attract some blonde tourists